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Who am i?

I'm Robert Keller,
a passionate builder who constantly looks for improvement.

I am a Full Stack Developer and Front End Developer with a passion for creating responsive, dynamic user interfaces with well-organized backends. My eye for detail was built in world class Michelin starred restaurants and honed for technology at The Flatiron School. Let's connect and talk code!

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HTML, CSS and JS Logos
A Firm Foundation

I started my coding journey by learning how to create mobile friendly, responsive websites using HTML, CSS and JS.

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Front End Development

I develop fast, responsive SPA's using React and Redux. I use React daily for personal projects. I make sure my code is dry by creating reusable components.

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Back End Development

I build backend services to be performant and scalable. Node.js and MVC design fits the bill for most projects, but I also know Ruby on Rails

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Version Control

I use GitHub in almost every project for version control. I am familiar with
the terminal and desktop
interfaces for GitHub

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Clean design help a websites look and feel. I use bootstrap to help prototype quickly so I can spend more time working on custom functionality and design

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I am available for freelance projects. Hire me and get your project done.

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